We Take

The Stress Out of NDIS.

Selecting, accessing and settling your supports should be simple – Myndr makes it that way.
Living To Your Best Ability

Feel like you’ve been given a NDIS plan but now have no idea how to access your services, implement your supports - or how the bills get paid?

So do many participants. That’s where Myndr simplifies everything. We connect you with two key people – a trusted support coordinator and a plan manager, who ensure you get exactly what you want. Whether you want to select and oversee every detail of your plan yourself, share your goals and let them organise everything for you,

or somewhere in between – you can be confident that you’ll be getting the most out of your NDIS plan. Better yet, we check in with you every month to make sure you’re satisfied with your supports and not letting your funding go to waste.

It’s as simple as

  • Attend your services and receive your supports
  • Move closer towards your goals
  • Feel informed, in control, and happy with your care

We’ll help you select the best support coordinator and plan manager for you, who will:

  • Help organise your supports with top-rated providers
  • Ensure your plan is moving you towards your goals – and help you set these
  • Call to check in monthly and update you on your funding and plans for the coming months
  • Book your appointments and resolve any problems
  • Answer every question and explain every process around your plan
  • Take care of your invoices and budget
  • Ensure you’re making the very most from your funding
  • Produce monthly reports so you know exactly where your funds are going and what is left

… all at no cost to you. Sound good?

Support Coordination and Plan
Management Go Hand in Hand

A support coordinator works
closely with participants and
their families to:

Understand your plan, entitlements, and how to make the most of these to achieve your goals

Connect you with the right service providers and supports that will give you the most benefit

Help you build your capacity, skills and confidence to manage your plan for yourself in the future

A plan manager has your back
from everything finance-related

Ensuring your service providers are paid promptly, including reimbursing you where needed

Tracking your budget and helping you get the most from your allocated funds

Providing independent and unbiased advice, support and tips about your funding

Myndr believes that having the right people on your team matters. We connect you with experienced, trustworthy and reliable coordinators and managers with a large network, good local knowledge, and who are genuinely excited to work with you and go that extra mile. With us, you know you’re choosing from the best.

Our Services Never Have any Fees to you.

Everyone is entitled to plan management. If you haven’t already, request ‘Improved Life Choices’ to be added to your plan, and you’ll get funding. If you need help with this, let us know.

Your plan will also specify if you’re entitled to support coordination. If you’re unsure if your coordination has been funded, here’s where to look on your plan.

You Mean it’s That Easy?

We believe that accessing the right supports and services should be simple from start to finish – and that’s how we make it. Too many participants put their plans away in a drawer because they’re difficult to understand – so miss out on services and supports designed to improve their lives. We check in with you every month so you always know what’s happening with your funding and can incorporate any changes into the coming months.

It’s your plan and your budget done your way – by your chosen support team.

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